Minutes of Committee meeting 21/03/2022




Everyone introduces themselves and their roles.


Missing Committee Position

DTU Liason should be Danish, we could live without. Zorn will fill this position for now.
 Recruitment Secretary should preferably attend DTU. Should have someone who is responsible for the recruitments. 
 We need one for end of August, for the intro weeks. Zorn and Komnen will poke.
 Until then we’ll divide the recruitment tasks around the committee.

What subs should volunteers pay?

Coaches feel they shouldn’t pay full subs. Agreed in the committee that coaches should only pay social, and can still play if they want to.

For all other committee members, if you want to play a game, you should pay full membership. 

Homegame Summer Barbeque

Game in end of august, prom dress rugby, men’s 10 invite 2nd division or Malmö? 

Denmark Sevens? Women are going, are men? Should we arrange for something?
 Jesper will contact Aalborg about game times and whether we can sleep at the pitch.
 We’ll take more about this later.

New website

Change to Holdsport from Klubmodul, probably at the end of the year.
 Simon says to gradually sluse it in before the new year.
 Hopefully they will be much easier to work with than Klubmodul, that has very bad support.

Are we allowed to not use Klubmodul by DTU? We hope so. 

Axon Profil sponsorship

They will gave us 4k worth of sponsor shipped merchandise. 
 Alberto is planning to get us 50-60 water bottles with the Exiles logo, for putting their logo on our website. Simon will look over the contract.


We need new tacklebags, Alberto will see if he can find a site outside of the UK, that we can order from.

Lyngby Taarnbæk funding



The commune is giving us 8932.85kr for our young players.



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