Constitution of the Exiles RUFC

§ 1. Name and Location

1.1 The Club shall be called " DTU Exiles Rugby Union Football Club Denmark " abbreviated to " DTU Exiles R.U.F.C. " and hereinafter referred to as the Club and whose playing colours shall be all black.

1.2 The Club is located at Denmark's Technical University, 2800 Lyngby, in Lyngby-Taarbæk commune hereinafter referred to as DTU.

§ 2. Aims

The aim of the club is:

2.1 To create interest in, play and support the game of rugby.

2.2 To offer the best possible facilities for training, coaching and social networking, especially for the employees and students of the DTU, people resident in Lyngby-Taarbæk Kommune, foreigners in the Copenhagen region as well as all people with an interest in Rugby.

2.3 To inform and invite members of the club to participate in all activities and to take responsibility for the development of the club.

2.4 To arrange social activities for all members in order to establish a social network and encourage the individual member to be a part of the Club.

§ 3. Affiliations

3.1 The Club is a member of DTU Sport and is subordinate to its rules and regulations for sports activities. The Club is, however, an independent entity both legally and economically. DTU Sport is not bound by any commitments the Club may enter into.

3.2 The Club is also a member of Danish Rugby Union (DRU), Dansk Idrætsforbund (DIF), and an Honorary member of the Rugby Football Union (RFU).

§ 4. Eligibility for Membership

4.1 The Club is open to all current and former employees and students of DTU.

4.2 Furthermore, the Club is open to all other persons interested in its development.

4.3 The Club shall consist of playing members, social members, and Honorary members.

4.4 Application for membership can be made verbally or in writing to any member of the committee.

4.5 Club members are also members of DTU Sport. The Club shall annually provide DTU Sport with information on the number of members, and, if requested, a list of the members, including name, age, and association with DTU.

§ 5. Subscription

5.1 The Club subscription for the coming year is set at the Annual General Meeting.

5.2 DTU Sport has the power to insist, from the following year, that the level of subscription be presented for, and approved by, the board of DTU Sport.

5.3 Every member has, in principle, the duty to pay a subscription to DTU Sport.

§6. Resignation / Suspension / Expulsion

6.1 A member may resign membership at any time to the Club Secretary. Notwithstanding the resignation, the Club is entitled to demand payment of any unpaid sums due to the Club.

6.2 The Committee has the power to suspend/expel any member whose subscription is more than 3 months in arrears, who fails to pay any other outstanding sum due to the Club within 30 days of receiving a written request for payment of said sum, who behaves in such a way as to bring the club into disrepute.

6.3 Anyone who has been excluded due to subscription arrears or unsettled debts cannot again become a member until such arrears are paid.

6.4 The Committee shall have the power to suspend/expel any member who shall offend against the constitution of the Club.

6.5 No member may be suspended/expelled without first having the opportunity of appearing before the Committee and answering the complaints, nor unless at least 2/3 of the Committee then present vote in favour of suspension/expulsion.

§ 7. Annual General Meeting

7.1 A General Meeting of the Club shall be held each year before the end of February at a time and date fixed by the Committee. All members shall be advised by notice in writing, at least 21 days before the meeting.

7.1.1 If due to extraordinary circumstances it is not possible to meet in person, the Committee may decide to hold the meeting digitally.

7.2 Any member desirous of moving a resolution at the AGM shall ensure that such a resolution has been forwarded to the Committee at least 10 days before the meeting. Such resolutions shall appear on the agenda of the AGM under § 8, item 7.

§ 8. Agenda

The agenda shall cover, but not be restricted to, the following points:

1.Election of Chairman viz. § 9

2.Approval of minutes of last AGM

3.Reports from the Committee

4.Presentation of the Accounts for the preceding year and budget for the coming year

5.Establish the number of votes

6.Annual subscriptions


8.Election of Officers

9.Appointment of Auditor

10.Any Other Business

§9. Conduct of Annual General Meetings

9.1 Annual General Meetings of the Club shall be chaired by the President or, in the absence of the President, a duly elected member of the Club.

9.2 Every member present entitled to vote shall have one vote on every motion.

9.2.1 If the meeting is held digitally, the members may cast their vote through the selected media.

9.2.2 Proxy votes are not allowed.

9.3 Motions shall be carried by simple majority, excepting § 6, 15 and 16. In the case of equality of votes the Chairman of the meeting shall have the casting vote. The form of voting shall, unless a secret ballot is requested by at least 2 members, be decided by the Chair.

9.4 The result of all such voting shall be noted and minutes of the meeting shall be recorded as directed by the Chair.

9.5 The decisions taken at the AGM, within the terms of the constitution, and with due regard to § 3, are the highest authority in the Club. In the AGM the decision of the Chairman shall be final and conclusive, and binding on the members as to the interpretation of this constitution and the bye-lays and regulations made thereunder.

§10. Extraordinary General Meeting

10.1 An extraordinary general meeting may be convened at any time by the Committee upon receipt of a request from at least 1/3 of the members.

10.2 Notice and Agenda of the meeting shall be governed by § 7 and § 8.

§ 11. Administration of the Club

11.1 The Executive Committee is the responsible leadership of the Club and represents the Club in all matters.

11.2 The Executive Committee, elected for one year at the time, shall consist of;


Club Captain,



Social Sec,

Recruitment sec,

Communications sec,

DTU liaison,

Head of Team(s)

11.3 The Executive Committee members may establish subcommittees as it deems appropriate. Decisions made by such subcommittees shall be presented for approval at the next Executive Committee meeting.

11.4 Incumbent officers are eligible for re-election.

11.5 In the event of a vacancy on the Committee, the Committee shall have the power to elect any member to fill such vacancy. Such appointment must be notified to the members.

11.6 The Club President, Club Captain, and Club Treasurer shall, as a quorum, act as the clubs authorized signatories, have the power of attorney to administer the club’s finances, appoint bankers, and direct the opening of banking accounts for specific purposes and to transfer funds from one account to another, and to close any such account.

§12. Executive Committee Enfranchisement

12.1 The Executive Committee shall assemble as soon as possible after the Annual General Meeting, though not later than 21 days after such meeting.

12.2 The Executive Committee shall set its own agenda.

12.3 The Executive Committee is considered to have a quorum when at least three of its members are present.

12.4 The Executive Committee shall produce minutes of all meetings.

12.5 The Executive Committee shall inform DTU Sport of the name, address, and telephone no., of its members.

§13. Financial Accounts and Budget

13.1The financial year of the Club is the calendar year.

13.2The accounts, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet, for the previous year shall be made available to the auditor latest one week before the AGM.

13. 3 The audited accounts shall be presented at the AGM for approval.

13.4The accounts for the previous year, and the budget for the coming year, having been accepted by the AGM, must be sent to DTU Sport for their information. DTU Sport reserves the right to approve the accounts and budget for the following year.

13.5DTU Sport retains the ownership of any property provided by them unless there is evidence to the contrary.

§ 14. Auditor

14.1 The Auditor is appointed annually at the AGM and shall audit and sign the accounts. The Auditor shall, at any time, have access to the accounts and holdings.

14.2 DTU Sport can, if deemed necessary, and at own expense, initiate an extraordinary audit.

§15. Amendments to the Constitution

15.1 The Constitution may be added to, repealed or amended by resolution at any Annual General Meeting provided always that such a resolution has been passed by a majority of at least two thirds of the members voting thereon.

15.2 The Constitution, as well as any changes thereto, shall be approved by DTU Sport before they come into power. Resolutions of a non-principle nature may be approved without reference to DTU Sport provided always that copies of such changes are duly forwarded to them.

§ 16. Dissolution of the Club

16.1 The decision to dissolve the Club shall be taken at an Extraordinary General Meeting. Such a meeting shall be deemed to be properly constituted provided that at least half of the members of the Club are present. Such a motion shall be deemed to be carried provided that it has the support of at least three quarters of the members voting thereon. Whereas, if the Extraordinary General Meeting is not properly constituted, then a General Meeting shall be called where the motion can be carried by the above mentioned majority of the voting members present.

16.2 In the event of the dissolution of the Club, the holdings and assets become the property of DTU Sport, with due reference to § 13.5, q.v.

§ 17. Legal Efficacy

The Constitution comes into force on the 17th February, 2018, having been ratified at the Annual General Meeting on said day, and replacing that of 28th September, 1976, 26th January, 1996, 1st February, 2002, 25th January, 2013, 11th February, 2017 and subsequent amendments.


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