Exiles Committee Meeting January 2022 - Bootleggers City


Signe (online)

Alberto (online)





·       Exiles AGM 2022


Dates are discussed based on constitution and ensuring we inform members, at least 21 days prior.
Date is agreed for 26th of February 2022, so we can also make it coincide with a Six Nations game.
Time will be from 13:00 – 15:00
Becky will make sure to mention we have limited time, so please be there prior to meeting starting.
Jon will ask Greg if we can use Bootleggers Frederiksberg and if not, we’ll ask Charlie.

Resolutions must be in 10 days before AGM – so 16th of February.
Committee to meet on February 21st 18:00 – Bootleggers to go through any incoming resolutions.
Becky’s last committee meeting.


Committee who are running again / not running again.

·       Simon (Treasurer) - Yes

·       Nick (President) – Yes

·       Jesper (Club Captain) – Yes

·       Jean-Victor (Secretary) – No (Jon is interested in running)

·       Becky (Communications Secretary) – No

·       Zorn (Head of Men’s) – Yes

·       Signe (Head of Ladies) – Yes

·       Jon (Social Secretary) – No (not as social, see above. We have a potential candidate already)

·       Gaspard (DTU Liaison) - No

·       Chris (Recruitment) – No

·       Alberto (Branding) – Yes





·       DRU AGM

Jesper needs someone to join for the DRU AGM on the 27th of March, as he is on the board and therefore we need an Exiles representative.
Jon will go.


·       HoldSport / KlubModul

DRU are looking into purchasing licenses from HoldSport, and having Danish rugby klubs under their platform. Currently some teams are already using this platform.
Jesper suggests we look into moving from KlubModul to Holdsport.

Becky: It would be great to use another platform, but important that we speak to DTU and make sure there are no blockers about us not being under Klubmodul as we are under DTU sport.

Simon: I don’t there should be any issues, but this realistically wont be done until 2023, as we can’t do it in the middle the year due to accounting.

Zorn: Will speak with Anne-Rose and make sure no issues from DTU sport.


·       Physiotherapist: Shall we continue

Jon & Zorn provide some feedback from the men’s team and own experiences.
Generally both teams are happy to have a physio available and it’s been helpful both at practice and especially at games. However there is room for improvement as we’ve had some trainings where she had not showed up or cancelled after she was meant to be there, but likewise we’ve had trainings where close to no one has been there, and she’s made the journey out to training.
So consensus is that we need to improve logistics around her attendance at training and ensuring she is there when it makes sense.
Also important we keep an eye on the number of ‘clips’ we have for sessions with her, so that is used on players who really need it.

Consensus is to agree, but make improvements.


·       Membership fee 2022:

Conversation regarding the subscription fees for 2022 as last year’s subs were specific for 2021.
Committee agree on suggestion regarding fees and payment options to be presented at the AGM.


·       Any other business

Alberto will follow up on merchandise things



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