Exiles Committee Meeting
17th of February 2021
Online: Teams




Introduction to the committee – Roles & Responsibilities.

Jon – Social Secretary
Jon: So my job is to arrange all social activities and gatherings, usually around trainings or after games. The main two big events are the AD&D and Summer BBQ, but basically any possibility to get together, I arrange that.
I am of course hoping to be very busy writing out to everyone later this year, as I am hoping we will be able to do something social, and throw big party when we are allowed.

Becky: Just a quick clarification for the new members, the AD&D means Annual Dinner and Dance.

Jesper – Club Captain
Jesper: Yeah, I’m Jesper and I’m the Club Captain for the Exiles – I don’t really do that much.
I mainly make sure that the Head of Men’s (and Ladies) stay in line and take care of their teams, and general well being of the club.
I’m also on the board of the DRU and am responsible for tournament planning.
Becky: Just another quick clarification, the DRU means Danish Rugby Union.

Becky – Communications Secretary
Becky: so my main responsibility is communications out towards the club. So all the posts you see on Facebook and on social media, regardless of events, it’s my job to create and schedule those posts. I will usually do it in collaboration with Jon or Chris if it is about a specific event, where they will send me the text they want to use and I do the posts.
During COVID, I’ve also been the main contact person for the club with the DRU regarding COVID restrictions and making sure the committee, coaches and club is aware of what we can and cannot do. I also manage the website and all of our merchandise

Chris – Recruitment Secretary
Chris: It is my job to make sure we have recruitment posts, planning rookie days, making sure we have posts in various facebook groups (for students, expats, etc), and that we have presence at various recruitment events. I also arrange the rookie day – not this past year obviously, but hopefully we can do it later this year. I also hand out flyers and hang up posters in different places at and around DTU to create awareness.

Signe – Head of Ladies
Signe: So I am responsible for managing the Ladies team – making sure their licenses are in order so they can play, and coordinating with the coach about training. I also handle planning the bus transportation for the women’s teams in Copenhagen, as when there are tournaments we often travel together. Yeah just the general well being of the girls.  
For the new secretary I would usually reach out to you in regards to the licenses which the DRU will send to you, and also about pitch availability at Lyngby Stadium, just like Gaspard I will be reaching out to you about the availability of our pitch at DTU and the indoor hall. That is usually when I communicate with you.

Zorn – Head of Men’s
Zorn: I do exactly the same as what Signe just said.

Alberto – Head of Branding.
Alberto: I am head of branding, so I’m responsible for creating all the graphics and contents for the website, along with Becky, creating images when needed for Instagram or Facebook posts. I also create the designs for our flyers and posters.
I’m pretty sure we still have quite a few flyers and posters left from our last order, which we can use for recruitment.

Ok so I think we’ll just give a quick introduction to what the roles and responsibilities are for the new Secretary. If it’s OK I’ll just start with some of the tasks, which I have been taking on which Jean you will be taking over now, as Secretary as it would usually fall under your role.

Explanation of Club Secretary Role.

Becky & Jesper:
So Jean, one of the main tasks for the new secretary is to call these committee meetings: We usually have one a month – sometimes more, if there is an event – or less over summer - but you need to send out the doodle to coordinate when everyone is available, send out the invitation (currently online via Teams, up to you), ask for input for the agenda, and taking the minutes for each meeting. I can help you publish the minutes on the website once they are ready.

I think you are also responsible for the contact we have with the DRU – in terms of you will receive the bulk of incoming emails which you need to distribute to the appropriate person on the committee.
I’ve actually got the list here, which will go on the website;
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
Contact with the DRU
Contact with Lyngby Municipality
Player registration (again – you will receive the license list from DRU (Rie) but will forward to Signe and Zorn to sort out, and then send back)
Arranging Committee Meetings and Minutes from Meetings.


With Lyngby Municipality, you will basically attend the meetings to ensure we get a time at Lyngby Stadion for winter training and help apply for grants / funding from the Municipality.

We will of course be able to help you and guide you here in the beginning while you get to know who is who.

Explanation of DTU Liaison Role:
For this role, the main objectives are of course be the main point of contact for and with DTU Campus Services, and DTU Sport, especially regarding our pitch and when we are able to use the indoor hall at DTU. There is also an application to DTU for some funding that you will be responsible for.
Just pulling up the responsibilities that will go on the website; Responsibilities include, but are not limited to Contact with DTU and DTU Campus Service (funding applications, applying for sports hall times, coordination of pitch availability)


Becky: So just to let you all know, that all the subs categories on the website have been updated.
There was a slight issue earlier, which meant that when Zorn when to try and pay his subs it went to 0kr and this was because someone had put in that committee get a 100% discount on subs. This is not the case, so I have fixed this now, so please pay your subs – Zorn & Signe, please let your respective teams know that subs are ready.
Also there is a ‘Donation item’ in the Exiles shop, so please encourage people to use this, if they would like to support the club financially.

Any other Business:

Yes -
@Gaspard – You will need to send the minutes and budget from the AGM to DTU.

There is also the DRU Representantskabsmøde coming up and it would be great to have another Exile at the meeting so it not just me (Jesper), especially as I also need to represent the board.

@Jon will join Jesper this.

We also need to start considering our recruitment focus for the coming year – I think that for our next committee meeting we need to put that on the agenda and really focus on how we can engage new players for the coming season.

Becky: Any other business?

The meeting is concluded.