Committee Meeting 24/08/2022

 Participating: Jon, Komnen, Nick, Simon, Stephanie & Zorn


  1. Roundtable
     We started with hearing from each member of the committee.

Alberto: Started to work on the merchandise for this semester, and will let us know as soon as he has something. Will likely post around the end of September, and then hopefully receive the order it by end of October/beginning of November. Looking into Akuma whom we have used before, and might have a way of avoiding the VAT.
Komnen: Got some stuff on Instagram from the IntroWeek event at DTU today. Made an interactive event where people would catch balls and run into pads, and by doing that they would get a free beer. Seems to be a good recruitment strategy!
 One of our players Ignasi, might want to become Recruitment Officer. 
 Thinking about boosting posts or commercials on FB about recruiting people in Lyngby and area, as it’s difficult to lure people to come all the way from inside Copenhagen.
 Will start looking into the setup of Holdsport, that DRU is supplying for us.
Nick: Main concern is Coach for the seniors.
 Old Boys will train again in 2 weeks, maybe we can use one of them, but not very likely.
55th anniversary is coming up next year. Nick will reach out and hear about interest amongst former members, in joining for a party.
Simon: 170k in the account. 

Not spending or getting money atm. 
 Chasing subs as always. 

Deposit paid for AD&D room.
Signe: Numbers are low around 6-8 in the core group, but we hope that recruitment will help. 2 girls have already reached out. 

We are hosting the fifth DM tournament on September 17th. Unfortunately, Manuela is not available to help out, so we have to look into other options for the physio/samarit requirement.
The guys should help out with setting up on the 17th of September.  Maybe the boys can play 10s after the ladies tournament? It’s been a while since we’ve had a Summer BBQ.

Very happy to see so many involved in the recruitment project and putting a lot of effort into it.

Stephanie: BBQ and Rookie Day ended up being close. Will stock up the shed, and needs help from someone with a car. Will meet Jon tomorrow at 16:30 on the way to training.

Considering arranging a Bar crawl at DTU.
Zorn: 17th is only weekend without game, might set up something with Wolves. Otherwise, help the ladies tournament. We should figure out what to sell at that bbq. Maybe pasta salad?
 Working hard on recruitment, the team is starting to help out with that.
We’re short on numbers, and had to cancel game with Speed on the 3rd of September (It is now a friendly instead). There’s an issue both with amount of players, but also mentality. Some don’t feel safe playing with a team short on players, which exacerbates the issue. ‘
Maybe we’ll stop focusing on staying in 1st division, and instead focus on building the team again, and play the games we can play.
 Zorn paints the pitch as always.


Jon: Applied for Lyngby winter pitch. 

Will source a new bbq. 
 Suggests a shared place online to share files, passwords and the like, within the committee. Stephanie will set something up.
 Questions whether we should have specific times for committee meetings, is the current schedule of meetings fine? Everyone agrees they are fine.


  1. Senior Coaching situation

We have a coaching group of 6ish guys atm, which will keep us afloat for now, while we are looking for a dedicated coach. It’s a bit tough on the players, but they’re doing their best to keep it running.


  1. IntroWeek recruitment and funding

We got allowances for 3.080kr from DTU, for beers and hot-dogs. 
 The event today with workshops for the new students went really well, and hopefully many of them will come to the next few trainings. There were both interested newbies and people who had played before.


  1. Rookie Day

Rookie Day ended up also being the first day people could join after the IntroWeek. Hopefully a lot of new prospects will join.
 Jon and Stephanie will go buy more hot-dogs for the Rookie Day.


  1. Communication channels

The Seniors have a new Whats-App group, that is excluding old players. Ideally we’d like to keep all the communication in one place.
 New players however don’t feel comfortable posting in the Men’s Facebook group since there are loads of people.
 No real solution was found, but we hope the new Holdsport solution for the official things, can separate the fun and serious a bit more.’


  1. AD&D

AD&D room is booked and deposit has been made.
 Will use Tom for food as usual, maybe try to get something different.

We don’t know if the band will play again this year, in which case we would have to figure out what to do with music. Potentially just a playlist.

Remember to get people for the cleaning crew.

Hold i dag