Minutes from the Exiles Annual General Meeting 2022.
Saturday, February 26th 2022.
 Location: Bootleggers Frederiksberg.
1. Election of Chairman viz. § 9

2. Approval of minutes of last AGM - presented by Chairman

3. Reports from the Committee

4. Presentation of the Accounts for the preceding year and budget for the coming year.

5. Establish the number of votes

6. Annual subscriptions

7. Resolutions viz. § 7.2 (see below)

8. Election of Officers - candidates:

1. President: Currently - Nick Morton

2. Club Captain: Currently - Jesper Heiselberg.

3. Secretary: Currently – Jean-Victor Bendixen (Will not run again)

4. Recruitment Secretary: Currently - Chris Voigt (Will not run again)

5. Social Secretary: Currently - Jon Vinther (Will not run again)

6. Communications Secretary: Currently - Becky Jensen (Will not run again)

7. DTU Liaison: Currently – Gaspard Hosteins (Will not run again)

8. Treasurer: Currently - Simon Mountford.

9. Head of Men: Currently - Zorn Cooperider

10. Head of Ladies: Currently - Signe Munch

9. Appointment of Auditor

10. Any Other Business

§ 7.2 Any member desirous of moving a resolution at the AGM shall ensure that such a resolution has been forwarded to the Committee at least 10 days before the meeting. Such resolutions shall appear on the agenda of the AGM under § 8, item 7.
Election of Chairman viz. §9
 Before we begin, I’d like to welcome everyone to this year’s Annual General Meeting.
 We need a chairman to proceed with this year’s meeting. 
 I’d like to nominate Nick.
 I’ll second that.


2. Approval of minutes of last AGM – Presented by Chairman.
Next point on the agenda, is to approve the minutes from last year’s Annual General Meeting. There are a few copies here, in case anyone would like to go over them, if you’ve not already read them.
 - No objections to last year’s minutes, and they are approved.

3. Reports from the Committee.
All I really have to say, is thank you. It has been another great year, and I’ve really enjoyed spending time with the club and all of you – going out having a drink or two with you, watching games at the pub. I even attempted a training this year. A big thanks to the committee as well, it is a thankless job.
 The last thing I want to say is, please remember the club goes back 50 years – and it is a lot of history and tradition tied up in this club. When you are out and about, you are representing the club, please keep that in mind, especially at Bootleggers.
 A big thanks to the outgoing committee, you have all excelled in your positions. 
 Special thanks to Becky, you will be missed.
 Next up is Club Captain, but as Jesper was not able to be present, short report from Nick:
Nick: As Jesper is not here, a quick update (pretty much based on last year’s update) 
 Jesper was elected into the DRU and will have another 2 years there – he is also on the organizing committee for matches, basically planning games in the DRU, alongside Signe and Zorn as well. Other than that, not much to report.


Signe (Head of Ladies)
We had a very new team last year, and a lot of players who played their first tournament. We surprisingly had a lot of players join during corona, and stayed throughout the 21’ season, and that was of course great. We played some games – won some, lost some, but plenty to grow on especially with many players staying for this season too. 
 Lele will continue to coach this year, and Captain is Emilie and Vice Captain is Elsa, so we have a strong team. 
 We will also focus more on team building and bonding, especially due to the generational shift in the team, so we want to focus on building Exiles spirit. 
Zorn (Head of Men’s)
 So we have 2 new coaches, and both travel a fair amount due to the nature of their work, but there is a good and solid training plan for the season. 
 Feel confident that it will be a good year.

Apart from that, pretty much the same as last year – It would be great to play more rugby and win some more games. 
 The men’s matches have already been scheduled and posted – there will be 4 in the spring and 4 in autumn. We will try and add some friendlies as well. We will continue to work towards more games.
Question from Philippe:
 Last year, we spoke about the Gentofte youth club and looking into where their 16’s head and getting in touch. Did anyone follow through?
Committee Response:
 That was not last year, but the year before – Believe a sub group was meant to form and follow up but we have not heard anything else. Perhaps a topic for the incoming committee to look at?




Chris (Recruitment Secretary)
 So COVID has really been a pain but we’ve had a few events and we’ve also managed to be present at a few fairs. This has given some new members, otherwise not much else to report. 
 Next up is Secretary, but Jean-Victor was not able to attend.
Short report from Simon / Jon:
 It has been a busy year, with lots to follow up on from Lyngby commune, DTU and other. Jean-Victor will not be running for the committee again, and we thank him for his contributions. 
Jon (Social Secretary)
 Like Chris said, COVID was quite a pain, but it finally looks like it’s trickling out which is good for social options. It has been a rough couple of years for social events, but we finally managed to have our Annual Dinner and Dance. We were really happy with the venue and had a great time – a big thanks to all for coming. We are actually invited back to the venue again, so that is great.
 On that not, I am not planning on running for Social Secretary again – I am just a little burnt out in the role, and in requires a lot of thinking and planning and I just need a little break, however there is another position I am interested in, if I get voted in, so will be staying on in that capacity.


Becky (Communications Secretary).
 It’s been a pretty quiet / standard year – however as we were finally able to train and play games again, I was able to be more active on FB with the posts. A big thanks to Alberto for creating the imaging as always. 
 Besides that, not a lot of activity. We did do a round of merchandise and tried out a new supplier which we most likely won’t use again. 
 Just a quick note for whoever will be taking over merchandising – please keep in mind that we have traditionally bought merchandise from the UK and there will be an impact due to Brexit and import fees. 
 Lastly, this is my final year on the committee, after close to 10 years – it’s time for a change and some fresh faces. A big thanks to everyone and I will see you all around.
Gaspard (DTU Liaison) 
 The year has been quite OK after COVID restrictions were lifted and DTU changed a lot of the rules and regulations, but nothing which had a big impact. 
 There as a fire in the sauna, so the gym is closed. 
 I will not continue on the committee as I need to focus on my PhD.
Question from Christina: 
 Did we cause the fire
Response from the committee:





4) Presentation of the Accounts for the preceding year and budget for the coming year + report from Simon (Treasurer) 
 Presentation of accounts – The accounts have been printed and are being distributed amongst attendees. 
 You can see the accounts for 2021, which was an interesting year money wise. We had budgeted for a loss, due to the low subs we had set (100kr for all).

Simon proceeds to go through the accounts presented for 2021.
 Specific call outs include: 

·       DTU changed how to apply for funding, going from once a year to twice a year – we decided last year not to apply for funding, but will of course look into it, this year. 

·       Some 2021 expenses ended up being paid for in 2022. 

·       The accounts have been approved by our auditor – Riina in Finland.

·       Quick run through of budget for upcoming year, no big surprises. 

Simon: Are there any questions?


Stephanie: Why is the budget for the AD&D smaller this year than last year?
Simon: The AD&D is not intended as a profit making event – so we tend to set the budget a bit low, but depending on location and interest, this can be flexible.


Jon: Do we not pay negative interest to the bank?
Simon: No because we are a forening. 
 The accounts are approved.
5) Establish the number of votes.
20 votes are established as eligible to vote.
 There are no incoming resolutions, but important to establish to for voting in committee members.
6) Annual Subscriptions (suggestion from Committee for 2022).
Simon: Last year, we set the subscriptions, as low as possible to accommodate for the situation – it was basically a ‘free’ year for most. This year, we need to get back to normal and we there have the following proposal.
 1200kr for a full year / 700kr for half a year, for employed and PhD subs.
 600kr for a full year / 400kr for a half year, for students. 
 Social subs remain the same.
 We are bringing back the half year option, and the bus trips will not require additional cost as long as you are a paid up member.

We continue to employ a no pay, no play policy.
Question from Philippe: Do we have an overview of active players?
Becky: Yes we do, based on the subs coming in, we can easily see who is an active player, or social member.
Question from Seb: Wasn’t there meant to be a bit of a purge of the Exiles Social FB group.
Jon: Yes that was my goal, but that fizzled out because we need to then figure out where to put those members, and it was more difficult than anticipated.
 The Subscriptions for 2022 are approved.

7) Resolutions viz. §7.2
 8) Election of Officers – Candidates
We have to elect our committee, we’ll start with the president.
 President: Currently - Nick Morton
 -No other candidates, and Nick is elected unanimously.
 Club Captain: Currently – Jesper Heiselberg
 -No other candidates and Jesper is elected unanimously.
 Secretary: Currently – Jean Victor Bendixen. 
 -Zorn nominates Jon Vinther
 -Becky seconds
 -No other nominees – Jon is elected.
 Recruitment Secretary: Currently – Chris Voigt
 -No other candidates and the position remains open.
 Social Secretary: Currently – Jon Vinther
 -Signe nominates Stephanie Kluz.
 -Jon seconds
 -No other nominees – Stephanie is elected.
 Communication Secretary: Currently – Becky Jensen
 -Komnen is nominated. 
 -No other candidates and Komnen is elected unanimously.
 DTU Liaison: Currently – Gaspard Hosteins
 -No other candidates and the position is remains open with Zorn being interim DTU Liaison.

Treasurer: Currently – Simon Mountford
 -No other candidates and Simon is elected unanimously.
 Head of Men’s: Currently – Zorn Cooperider
 -No other candidates and Zorn is elected unanimously.
 Head of Ladies: Currently – Signe Munch
 -No other candidates and Signe is elected unanimously.
 That completes the committee, and everyone has been elected for their positions for the year to come.


9) Election of Auditor
Simon: Riina is happy to continue unless there are any other nominations?
 - No other candidates and Riina’s continuation for 2022 is approved.

10) Any Other Business