Location: DTU
Alberto, Marc, Zorn, Jesper, Nick, Simon, Francois, Signe, Beatrice & Becky.

Annual Dinner & Dance
  • Everything seems to be in order and ready for saturday - People who are attending will be getting Exiles stamps (so we can keep an eye on those who have paid for dinner and those who have not)
  • Dinner from 18:30 - 20:30
  • Speeches / Awards 20:30 onwards
  • Simon is toastmaster
  • Zorn to hand out the cups for men's team and Jon will hand out for women's team
  • Jesper will do Captains Cup and Simon will do memorial / oldest player award.
  • Discussion regarding watching the England v Australia game
  • Beatrice to buy plates etc for saturday and Simon will bring bin bags.
  • Zorn will bring ties for the boys to buy and Beatrice will bring wristbands for the ladies.
  • Dress code is smart casual
  • Food will arrive at 18:15 and Committee to be at Cross by 17:45
  • drink not included - bar prices will be posted next to bar.
  • Discussion regarding watching Eng v Aus at Southern Cross - general sentiment is against (too much hassle with those who are coming for dinner, who isnt', being upstairs while setting up etc) - will watch game at Bootleggers and walk over to Southern Cross after.
Next Year with the Exiles
  • All committee positions are of course always open, but the following will not be running again in 2019:
    DTU Liaison
  • Becky will post in January just after new year, regarding committee and open positions.
  • Alberto would still like to be involved and help out with posters and banners etc.
Ladies Team
  • Looking at having more friendly games arranged - especially when the guys go to Jylland or vice versa, get in touch with the ladies teams to arrange friendlies
  • Lele will be coaching until September where he plans to return to the men's team.
  • New Kit arrives this week.
  • Signe going to the women's meeting on Jan 5th in Nyborg - important that we try and get a home round this year, preferrably around June for the bbq
Men's team
  • Men's team did really well this season and will officially be moving up to 1st Division in 2019. Team have not been informed yet, but will be on tuesday
  • A lot the current team will be staying which is great - coaching situation is that Beau will continue to coach, sadly Kruger is leaving.
    Jon will also recieve some training in coaching, so he can also step in when needed.
  • It is important that we continue to allow newbies game time - even in important games. Also a suggestion is to join forces with Roskilde and Hamlet and create a shared team (which would provide more game time)
  • Draw for Semi's will be next weekend
Off Season
  • Leaving shed clean up until after new year - Zorn will purchase clear plastic boxes with proper lock handles (2-3) to put the kit in, as currently the mice are getting to them.
  • Ladies to clean up the remaining kit in the cupboard as well, and make sure the older kits are otherwise disposed of (give away to girls team)
  • Sell off the remaining polo's from the 50th anniversary (becky and Simon will coordiante)
  • Discussion about the new shed - no one likes it; Zorn and Jesper spoke to DTU regarding it, we were offered a view but no input of ours was used, so we have not been part of the planning.
    new shed should be ready by April 1st 2019
    Will need to place to stock up on beers (currently in Zorn's basement) -need to sort this out.
  • Sam's CrossFit equiptment project put on hold until we see the new shed and layout.
  • Zorn has spoken to DTU regarding the drainage in the changing rooms as well.
  • Becky and Beatrice will speak to Greg about sponsorship of the teams (Becky has already reached out to Mark for pricing on jerseys)
  • Simon needs stock of Beer & Soda by January (from Zorn)
  • Coaching course on saturday - 7 participants and Becky has posted in Udviklings gruppen on FB For more (room for 5 more)
    09:30 - 15:30'ish
    Paying for Dennis's transport
    Room 229 is booked.
    Club paying lunch? - i think the agreement was yes.
  • Recruitment - important we keep this up
    Alberto will put together some banners, videos etc for the new year. Would be great to find a photographer / videographer to regularly come to games
  • Plan more boosted posts (yes)
  • Jesper to get figures from Bus company
  • Nick very happy to see the clubs progession and how well we've done this year - very happy to see how things are going.