Exiles Committee Meeting September 26th 2018 at 18.00, The Southern Cross

On the Agenda:

  • Evaluation of the 50th
  • Preparation of AD&D 2018
  • Wintertraining with Gentofte rugbyklub (Jesper)
  • Preparation of the senior tournament 2019: New emergency meeting with DRU and the clubs (marc)
  • Cancellation of half year subs (Zorn):
  • Sam's outdoor crossfit project: where are we going to store the new equipment?
  • Coaching and referring courses
  • Marking the pitch and new locks (Zorn)
  • Reports from the committee members
  • AOB

Present are: Nick Morton, Jesper Heiselberg, Simon Mountford, Beatrice d’Eufemia, Signe Munch, Zorn Cooperider, Francois Kruger, Marc Culot
Excused: Becky Jensen

Evaluation of the 50th Anniversary

Duncan King passed away on the Tuesday following the club’s anniversary. The club has sent flowers to the funeral.
The 50th anniversary committee has done a fantastic job.
Good communication by Becky and Beatrice

Brilliant pubcrawl on the Friday with 150 participants. Good idea to end at the same place for everyone. Maybe limit to 4 pubs when more than 60 participants are involved.
The game on the Saturday was great fun. Organisation at the pitch was brilliant with lots of volunteers. From the President’s XV, Brendan Reed did a good job with the substitutions. 1813 and Gentofte hospital thank the exiles for the increased business on the day.

Meeting at the cellar bar was a brilliant idea.
Dinner on Saturday evening: It looked very good with all the decorations. Speech program was probably overambitious. Food supplies were a bit limited and pizzas were ordered. Suggestion to serve more food during the day. Table service and portion service could be a solution. Wine and beers included in the price served all evening to everyone’s joy and happiness. The band and the party had a good time.

Busses between DTU and the city were sponsored by our regular bus company. It was an extra service to the guests. Problem to find where the busses stopped.

Preparation of AD&D 2018 (Beatrice)

Project: 70 people can use the 1st floor at the Southern Cross. The pub is going to open a cash bar with discounts prices. We can use the podium for the awards ceremony. Plan is to stay there for after drinks. No Raffle this year.

Simon has asked Tom to take care of the buffet. 150 dkk pr. Person. No decoration this time. Tickets sold on the website. The club provides plates and cutlery.

Winter training with Gentofte rugby club (Jesper)

GRK’s juniors don’t have an indoor place during the winter off season. The club has a tme slot in building 101 from 16.15 to 18.00. The club needs to clear the situation with DTU. Francois asks DTU Sport and Jesper is contact person to GRK

Preparation of the senior tournament 2019 (Marc)

Autumn games: Zorn, Jesper and Marc had a meeting with 2. Division clubs this summer after DRU failed to react to our mails. Everyone agreed on a new tournament form with the Swedish clubs. Unfortunately, DRU ignored our requests.

New emergency meeting with DRU and the clubs: At the moment, we keep same tournament structure. DRU is planning to arrange a 10-a-side day to help young players at getting experience. DRU is considering arranging regional games to select national team. Same issues were not addressed: not enough players in several clubs and lack of referees. Preben expressed his concern about the bad tone on FB coming from East clubs after the cup final

Zorn has from other clubs that Exiles are first choice for arranging fixtures or asking for help

November 25th: DRU’s yearly parliament meeting. Jesper and Marc are going to represent the club.

Cancellation of half year subs (Zorn)

Registration on the website is still a nightmare. Klubmodul is not really helping. The committee has agreed to ask the AGM in 2019 to cancel half year subs.

Remember everyone to pay their subs.

Objections from Marc

We get a lot of International master students who stay for 2 years. They arrive in September and leave in June 2 years later. They would have to pay for 3 years. The same evolution will continue next year as more students are going to live on campus (new studentsdorm opens next semester in quadrant 2)

We do not need the money.
Was Klubmodul not supposed to help us? Fells like it is more complicated now than before.

Sam's outdoor crossfit project: where are we going to store the new equipment?

Not much space in the shed. DTU has planned an extension of the shed. At the moment, we have no idea about how much space the club would get. Work is supposed to start around mid-november. We need to rearrange it if we are getting more equipment. Alberto is volunteering to do it.

remember staff and players to put back the equipment after use

Coaching and referring courses

Can the club arrange a coaching course?
Beau, Francois, Xavier, and others are looking for a coaching course, world rugby, level 1
Jesper asks Dennis Graversen to hold a course
ask DTU or Lyngby Stadium to host it

No referring course planned

Marking the pitch and new locks (Zorn)

Zorn took over the marking of the pitch after Knud. The club will get money for the work
Maybe change the code to the lock next year
Always verify that the door to the shed is closed
About the lights on the pitch, DTU is not getting back at Francois

Reports from the committee members

Social secretary Beatrice notes the good chemistry in the club
Recruitment secretary Alberto and DTU Liaison Francois were satisfied by the outdoor organisation of the DTU fair.
Cancelled as time ran out and most subjects were discussed during the meeting


Francois will arrange a video shooting of rugby training as part of a presentation of his life as a Ph.d.-student at DTU.