It was an early Saturday morning start for DTU Exiles Ladies team, meeting up for a 5:20am bus ride to Odense for the opening round of the DM 2017 Women’s Rugby 7’s Tournament. On the bus for Exiles were 9 seasoned players and 3 rookies, no doubt all looking forward to the day’s matches.

Exiles vs Hundsted
It was a very seasoned looking team of veterans that took the field for Hundsted, and this was evident when they scored in the 3rd minute of the game, after absorbing relentless pressure from the Exiles defensive line that had them pinned in their own 22 from the kick off.

Exiles ladies were quick to reply with some slick passing and offloads that had Hundsted grasping thin air when Pilar snuck through their line to score one for the ladies.

The score was 5 all at the half-time break with both sides missing the conversion kicks.

The second half started well for the girls with fresh players from the bench injecting themselves into the game. This showed with Julia striding around the tiring Hundsted defense on her way to score the second try. Sophie was next in her typical fashion of busting straight through a defensive line that preferred the option of trying to chase her down rather than tackling her front on!

It was quite a spectacle watching from the sidelines, captain CJ taking the bash game against Hundsted and usually leaving a tackler or two in her wake. Meadhbh was also causing plenty headaches for the opposition, who were receiving the ball with her tackles as a packaged deal. Special mention of rookie hooker Alice in her first game, first scrum and first steal of the opposition ball!!

The final whistle blew with Exiles winning their game with the score of 15-5.


Exiles vs CBS
The first grudge match for the year saw both teams clearly pumped and ready to battle. The game started with Exiles kicking off and with a defensive line chasing through with the hope of keeping CBS pinned in their own 22 line.

However, CBS did not get the memo because they countered with quick ball, to no doubt their fastest player on the wing, who took off like rocket to draw first blood for CBS in scoring the first try of the game.

CBS continued with putting Exiles under the pump, by putting their bigger and heavier players to good use, in monstering the smaller and lighter Exiles in the rucks and scrums. It was not long before CBS scored their second try.

Credit to Exiles who still looked cool and calm despite the immense pressure and got their slick passing game in play and were rewarded with Sophie busting through to score a converted try.

CBS replied with their own try before the half-time hooter.

The second half could not start quick enough for Exiles who seemed to be more pumped than ever.

CBS were now experiencing CJ’s bash game firsthand which left even bigger players sprawled in her wake. CBS were retreating and on the backfoot. Sophie scored another converted try that left the scores with CBS in the lead with a single point. It was game on!!!

Exiles lifted another gear and it was just a question of scoring that next try. Pilar and the tireless collaborator Beatrice were a handful on one side of the field with their short passes and angled runs. Becky at scrumhalf was unleashing the triple threats of Sophie, Meadhbh and Signe, and it was more than once that the last pass before the try-line was dropped or the support was just a tad bit slow with the line open.

Kick it out!!! Kick it out!!! Was the call from the CBS sidelines when alas! handling skills had deserted Exiles on yet another promising linebreak with the tryline begging. Fulltime whistle had won the game for a very relieved CBS team with scores at 15-14


Exiles vs CSR

This was a game that was already won before it had even started and unfortunately for Exiles it was CSR that won the game. This was a perfect case of Murphy’s Law, anything that can go wrong will go wrong, and it did for the ladies.

CSR scored 4 tries with two successful conversions before the halftime whistle. The tweet of the whistle could not have sounded any sweeter for an Exiles team that were at loss with what was happening.

The fightback started as soon as the second half got underway with Signe jotting one down for the girls. Julia peeled off an interception for the next try and in both cases, cool calm and collected Luna stepped up for the conversions.

However, the miracle comeback was not to be, and it was the straw that broke the camel’s back when CSR to their credit scored their only try in the second half. Fulltime scores were 29-14 to CSR.


Exiles vs Odense

This was shaping up to be another tough game for the day and it did not help with Sophie being ruled out with injury.

It was an all or nothing game for both teams. Testament to the physicality that Odense were bringing onto the field, was when Bonecrusher Beatrice (formerly the tireless collaborator) charged through the Odense line and in the act of scoring, was tackled high from behind with the tackler crushing her nose on the back of Beatrice’s head. Beatrice was subsequently ruled out with concussion. A yellow card was given to a very distressed tackler that was receiving medical attention for a broken nose.

Exiles were down two injured players and the game had just started. This did not deter Luna from scoring the next try given the stiff resistance that Odense were putting up.

The second half started with Julia once again putting her name down in the tryscoring sheet and with Luna again stepping up with the conversion. Signe had the last say in the scoring tally for the day with fulltime and scores at 22-0.

It was a day of mixed results with a few surprises thrown in, however, the next round will be hosted by Exiles on their homeground on May the 6th. Grudge matches, nailbiter games, underdog victories and bonecrushers be sure to join us!!!!! 



 Thank you to Daniel Storch for the photo!