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The Exiles are always happy to welcome to new members - if you are interested in joining, please see the details below for various membership types and fees. Everyone is welcome to come and try out a training before committing to joining the club!


Subscriptions rates:


Full year

Half year


1000 kr.

600 kr.

PhD Student

1000 kr.

600 kr.


500 kr.

300 kr.


500 kr.

300 kr.


100 kr.


CVR Number for the club: 34771421

The subscriptions follow the calendar year, which means that if you join the Exiles in the spring you should pay for a full year, and if you join in the fall (after July 1st) you should pay for half a year. If you join during the spring season you can also choose to pay for half a year and then pay again on July 1st. 
Membership to the Exiles can be obtained by paying your subscriptions, which can be done in a number of ways:
  • The preferred method of payment is the option provided via klubmodul. This way, you will receive an automatic reminder when it is time to pay your subs again.

  • Pay by PayPal below (ONLY for foreign Bank Accounts - do not use this option if you have a Danish Bank Account) - please contact if you would like to use this option.

  • Mobilepay to 39084 - Please include your name + subscription option (i.e half year, full year, social etc).

The club employs a simple policy: IF YOU DON’T PAY – YOU DON’T PLAY!

You are of course perfectly welcome to come and practice with us before you decide whether or not to join the Exiles! You can train with the club for one month before being asked to pay your subs, so you have time to figure out if rugby is something for you.

Pay by PayPal:
This is an option - please contact