Dear Exiles


You are hereby invited to the Exiles Annual General Meeting 2022! 


The 2022 AGM will be held on Saturday February 26th from 13:00 – 15:00 at Bootleggers Frederiksberg (Falkoner Alle 17, 2000 Frederiksberg).


Below you will find the general agenda for the AGM - a more detailed agenda will follow, once the deadline for incoming resolutions has passed. 


The AGM is your chance to bring change to the club - either by volunteering for posts on the committee or by bringing us your suggestions on changes. After all, it's also YOUR CLUB! All suggestions are welcome, no matter how small!


Please note that this year, we are looking for a number of new committee members, and we hope you will all take a moment to look at committee roles and responsibilities here

If you are interested in a committee position or would like to send in any suggestions for resolutions (point 7) or any other business, please email us at  

Please send us your resolutions no later than February 16th 2022. 

Finally, you will only be eligible to vote at the AGM if you have paid your subs for past season of 2021.


General agenda dictated by the constitution.

 (which can be found on our website; About Exiles --> Constitution)


1. Election of Chairman viz. § 9

2. Approval of minutes of last AGM - presented by Chairman (found here)

3. Reports from the Committee

4. Presentation of the Accounts for the preceding year and budget for the coming year.

5. Establish the number of votes

6. Annual subscriptions

7. Resolutions viz. § 7.2 (see below)

8. Election of Officers - candidates:

1. President: Currently - Nick Morton

2. Club Captain: Currently - Jesper Heiselberg.

3. Secretary: Currently – Jean-Victor Bendixen (Will not run again)

4. Recruitment Secretary: Currently - Chris Voigt (Will not run again)

5. Social Secretary: Currently - Jon Vinther (Will not run again)

6. Communications Secretary: Currently - Becky Jensen (Will not run again)

7. DTU Liaison: Currently – Gaspard Hosteins (Will not run again)

8. Treasurer: Currently - Simon Mountford.

9. Head of Men: Currently - Zorn Cooperider

10. Head of Ladies: Currently - Signe Munch

9. Appointment of Auditor

10. Any Other Business

§ 7.2 Any member desirous of moving a resolution at the AGM shall ensure that such a resolution has been forwarded to the Committee at least 10 days before the meeting. Such resolutions shall appear on the agenda of the AGM under § 8, item 7.

We look forward to seeing you there

/The Exiles Committee

Hold i dag